Charleston, SC

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Charleston, SC

9516 Hamburg Rd.
Suite 101
Ladson, SC 29456


Division Manager - Michael Bush

Cell: (843) 514-9908
Office: (843) 832-1881

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Where do we work?

ACCC covers the southeast mainly including Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Do we have night work and weekend work?

ACCC can provide crews for night work and weekend work.

How deep can you core?

ACCC can drill a multitude of sizes and depths more than 100 feet deep.

How deep can you cut?

Using our fleet of flat saw equipment, ACCC can cut up to 33 inches through concrete and asphalt.

Do you do demolition?

We do provide demolition and removal services, using our robotic demolition machine to increase productivity and efficiency.

Can you grind a pool deck?

Yes, ACCC employs the use of remote-controlled concrete grinders, providing better efficiency by freeing up the operator to maintain hoses, water control, etc while the machine is running. Passes OSHA regulations with HEPA filters and dust collection system.

Where are your headquarters?

We are based in Charleston, SC.

How long has ACCC been in business?

We have proudly been serving the southeast for 21 years.